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Dr Harvey Grahame

As founder and Clinical Director of Smilepod and now as Managing director I have been part of the team that has grown Smilepod from a small walk in dental hygiene concept studio in 2009 to a group of 6 dental practices offering high quality accessible professional dental care to the working population of London. When we opened our doors in Covent Garden in March 2009 Smilepod created a huge stir within the UK oral healthcare sector, with our revolutionary walk-in hygiene service.

Now 8 years later we have 6 studios across central London carrying out over 30,000 dental and hygiene treatments a year with a team of 70 GDC registered dental care professionals and 40,000 clients. I have managed the development of our online booking system to the point where 10% of our bookings are made online, booking and paying for treatments 24/7, 365 days a year.

We are the company who are one step ahead of the pack when it comes to online booking and digital innovation. Smilepod has completely changed the way people think about their oral health in the UK everyone can walk into visit Smilepod with its friendlier, fixed priced approach to oral healthcare.

No more cost surprises. Our comprehensive easy to understand price menu, with commoditized treatment packages that are easy to understand was an industry first. The many imitations of our ideas is great compliment to our concept. Smilepod is a winning idea that is catching on fast!

After a brief consultation client can choose from a range of dental, cleaning, whitening and straightening treatments with one of our experienced professional dentists or hygienists.  Rejuvenation@Smilepod our growing sub brand combines both the dental and facial aesthetic skills of our experienced and highly trained professionals.

For more complicated treatments we have three GDC registered specialists on our team and a visiting Oral surgeon, no more referrals to outside dentists all treatments can be carried out in our studios.


Career Experience

Managing Director - Smilepod Dental Ltd

April 2017 – Present – 1 Year
Central London

Associate Dentist - BUPA Dental

February 2017 – Present – 1 Year 2 Months
The Gingerbread House, Shenley

Clinical Director - Smilepod Dental Ltd

January 2009 – Present – 9 years 3 Months
Central London

Associate Dentist - Oasis Dental Ltd

March 2015  – February 2017 – 2 years
The Gingerbread House, Shenley

Partner - The Gingerbread House

January 2000  – March 2015 – 15 Years 3 Months
The Gingerbread House, Shenley